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What Is It About Those Lashes?

Most people know about the eyelash extensions, but fewer are familiar with the two latest trends in eye beauty: lash lifts and tints. Both treatments are designed to give the lashes more volume, length and drama, but in different ways. Lash lifts use a chemical process to curl the lashes upwards on little mini rods, while tints use dye to give them a fuller, natural looking color.

During your visit, the lashes are curled and lifted upward with a chemical solution, a Silicone rod rests on your lid and is the only thing that touches your eye. The process is very relaxing some people even get a little nap in. You’ll notice a dramatic difference right away, as the lift makes your eyelashes look longer and flutterier. Followed by a gentle application of dye to add color and vibrancy to the lashes. The result is a dark black or brown hue that enhances the effect of the lift, adding an even more glamorous look.

The best part about these treatments is that they last longer than regular lash extensions. Lash lifts can last up to 8 weeks, while tints last up to 4 weeks. This allows you to enjoy stunning lashes with less upkeep, meaning more time to focus on other activities. Not to mention, it’s a much cheaper option than regular lash extensions.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your beauty look and get long-lasting lashes, then lash lifts and tints may be the perfect way to go. With proper care, you’ll have lashes worth admiring for weeks to come, and no one will even know you’ve had them done!



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