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Eliminating Fat Does Not Need to Be Painful or Expensive with Cryo-T-Shock Using Cryo-T-Shock

Tranquility Skin Services is proud to introduce:

Cryo-T-Shock body contouring for fat reduction which is an increasingly popular procedure that can help you achieve your body goal. Cryo t shock is a non-invasive, medical procedure that combines cold and heat treatments to reduce fat and improve the tone and contours of the body. The procedure involves the use of a specialized medical device which has two heads – one that produces cold cryotherapy and one that produces hot Thermal stimulation.

The two heads of the device are used to deliver a precise set of temperatures in order to precisely target fat cells. The cold head is used to reduce fat cells while the heat helps to increase metabolism and improves the appearance of the skin. During the procedure, the device is passed over the treatment area, gradually reducing the temperature and gradually increasing it until the desired effect is achieved.

The Cryo-T-Shock body contouring treatment is designed to target those areas where localized fat accumulations have occurred, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and inner thighs. The procedure is an ideal solution for those who would like to reduce fat on their body without having to resort to surgical methods.

Through the application of precise temperatures, the Cryo t shock body contouring targets fat and decreases the size of fat cells. The procedure can also help to reduce visible cellulite and stretch marks, by improving the tone of the skin. Aside from the obvious fat reduction, the procedure can also lead to improved body shape and a more contoured appearance.

The Cryo T Shock body contouring treatment is considered a safe and non-invasive procedure that can be completed in about an hour, making it a perfect lunchtime solution for those with busy schedules. As well as the obvious aesthetic benefits, there are beneficial health benefits too, such as improved metabolism and improved circulation.

If you are looking to achieve a new body goal, look no further than Cryo t shock body contouring. This revolutionary procedure is a quick way to achieve a flatter and leaner appearance without the need for surgery or extensive time in the recovery room.

The difference between Cryo T shock and Cool Sculpting is that the esthetician manually treats the area with both cool and warm temperatures alternating. This method is not only comfortable and precise but also very effective. CoolSculpting can only use a static treatment method by suctioning on to your skin for the duration of the treatment using only cold temperatures.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out for a conversation or consultation. There are lots of options with this service.


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